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Our Client was 64 years old and the front seat passenger in a car stopped at a red light when it was struck from behind by a commercial vehicle. Approximately 10 days after the accident, our client went on vacation and fell before she had any MRI studies performed on her back. After returning from her vacation, our client had an MRI on her lumbar spine performed showing a disc protrusion that required our client to undergo a one level minimally invasive laminectomy and discectomy. Prior to filing a lawsuit, our client did not receive a settlement offer. Prior to trial, our client filed a Proposal for Settlement the defense rejected. After a four day trial, the jury returned a verdict of $2,199,000. We subsequently won the Defendants’ appeal of the jury verdict and recovered on behalf of our client $62,245.51 in costs, $350,000 in attorneys fees, and $2,346,631.90 for the jury verdict that was converted into a final judgment earning interest while the appeal was being litigated.